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New Products
Schwartz AFO
Dynamic carbon plate runs entire length of shoe. No contact in sensitive areas. Eliminates all fitting issues 100% patient compliance. Cosmetically less apparent. Best Solution for Diabetic patients. Optional Heel-to-Toe Rocker bottom. Optional Valgus/Varus Tee Attachment.
EZ Stride Designs
The Dynamic Original EZ Stride will help restore your patient's natural, biomechanical gait without sacrificing comfort and appearance. This one piece model is available in one size, left or right. Overall height is 13.5 inches. The footplate is trimmed to fit by the trained orthotist. Lightweight yet extremely strong. Six month warranty.
EZ Stride ATB
EZ Stride Dorsi-Assist
EZ Stride KAFO
The only soft spinal system with carbon fiber panels. Stronger, lighter, and with dynamic properties, carbon panels substantially increase overall support while providing a more intimate and comfortable fit. Optional Posterior Thoracic Extension and Sternal Pad Kit convert this LSO into a TLSO.
Low Profile Vertilok
Ultra soft and extremely comfortable, this orthotic provides superior support. Removable, ABS posterior panel can be contoured for a more intimate fit. Rigid anterior panel provides abdominal compression. Dual stretch binder and closure system maximizes compression of the abdominal area. 6" anterior and 9" posterior height.